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Car Accidents in North Carolina Addressed by Chapel Hill Town Council

It’s National Distracted Driving Awareness Month 2012. Every April, safe driving advocates across the county, our Asheville injury lawyers and the National Safety Council (NSC) work toward a common goal of trying to reducing the number of distraction-related car accidents in North Carolina and elsewhere. The time has come again, to raise the awareness and to help make our roadways safer for everyone!A recent article applauded Chapel Hill, North Carolina for being the very first town council to enact a complete ban on all cell phone use for all motorists. Hands-free devices are even covered in this ban. That’s not all. Motorists are also banned from using on-board wireless systems, which is also a first-of-its-kind measure. There are many areas throughout the country that ban on certain distractions for only a group of drivers. The town council of Chapel Hill has gone forth with banning all electronic devices from all drivers in an attempt to help to cut down the risks of distraction-related car accidents.

Our North Carolina injury lawyers understand that a number of studies have concluded that hands-free devices are no safer than hand-held devices. Many safe driving advocates believe that the only way to make our roadways safe and distraction free is to enact laws banning all of these behaviors. That’s exactly what the town council of Chapel Hill had in mind. Drivers need to keep their eyes and their mind on the road, with minimal distractions.

“In passing a total ban, Chapel Hill has taken a significant step toward making their roads safer,” said Janet Froetscher, president and CEO at NSC. “We praise Chapel Hill for this action. It will save lives.”

A number of studies have indicated that the human brain is actually incapable of processing two demanding tasks at once, like using a cell phone and driving. Many drivers, especially more experienced ones, think that they’re able to complete both of these tasks, without compromising their safety behind the wheel.

In honor of the new Chapel Hill law and in honor of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month 2012, we are asking all motorists to take the pledge and to vow to drive distraction free. We’re not just asking for a month of it, we’re asking for a lifetime of safe driving habits.

The National Safety Council urges the following pledge:

-Vow to stop using electronic devices while driving, including cell phones, text messaging devices and other electronics.

-If you call someone who is driving and they answer, let them know you’ll be happy to continue the conversation once they’re stopped and safe.

-Talk with friends and family about the risks associated with distracted driving. Get the word out there!

“We owe to those whose lives have been lost to take a stand. Speak up when someone calls you while driving or uses a phone while driving with you in the car,” says Jacy Good of FocusDriven.

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