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Increased Auto Insurance Minimums Would Offer More Protection In Case of Car Accidents

According to The State newspaper, there are some important changes to the auto insurance rules under consideration in South Carolina. A bill before the general assembly would increase mandatory minimum coverage for uninsured motorist policies.Our Gaffney injury attorneys know that drivers are concerned that an increase in mandatory minimum coverage would come with a corresponding increase in monthly premiums. However, upping your uninsured motorist coverage would provide you with important protections that can help to ensure you have the money you need if you get injured in a car wreck.

The Bill to Increase Auto Insurance Mandatory Minimums
South Carolina made changes to the auto insurance requirements in 2006, bumping the minimum liability coverage up to $25,000. Liability coverage pays the bills if you get involved in a car accident with someone else that is your fault and the injured accident victims make a claim against you.

When lawmakers increased the mandatory minimum insurance coverage in 2006, they intended the increase to apply across-the-board to the different types of coverage that drivers were required to carry. However, the law’s provisions did not address uninsured motorist coverage.

The new proposal corrects the oversight and ups the minimum uninsured motorist coverage from $10,000 to $25,000. This means that you now must carry an uninsured motorist policy with no less than $25,000 in coverage. If you had only the minimum before, your premiums may go up. However, many drivers in the state already have at least $25,000 in coverage so not everyone will be hit with the premium increase.

Added Protection in Case of a Car Wreck
By increasing the uninsured motorist coverage minimum requirements, lawmakers would be helping you to ensure your bills are covered in a more serious car accident.

When a crash happens and someone else is to blame, the responsible party is expected to pay for your bills. Unfortunately, if you get into a hit-and-run crash and the responsible driver leaves the scene, you’ll still have your bills. You just won’t have anyone to pay them.

The same is true if you get into a crash with a driver who doesn’t have insurance. Sure, you could try to sue him or her personally, but if he was driving without insurance then chances are he has minimal assets. This means even if you win your case, it is probably going to be hard for you to actually collect any cash from the at-fault driver.

Uninsured motorist coverage makes sure you aren’t left with crippling medical debts and with other huge financial losses after a car wreck with an uninsured or hit-and-run driver. Your insurance company stands in and pays the bills, up to the maximum limits of your policy.

If this new law passes, therefore, you get more protection because you have a higher policy limit. If you get into a crash and your bills and losses end up higher, your insurance will have it covered.

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