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No Shave November…, or Movember…? It’s All Good. Do Something Hairy

Most of the time, I think any day that ends in “y” is a good day to skip shaving. Sometimes I worry that as a lawyer, I should be clean-shaven and crisp all the time. That isn’t me. I think it started when I moved back to Western North Carolina and then I stopped asking for starch in my shirts. I don’t work on Wall Street or even at a bank, and as I have gotten older I worry less about how things look, and more about what gets done. This month, my three to five day beard stubble is IN. November is the time for No Shave November and Movember. I didn’t know there was a difference until someone asked me the other day if I was participating in No Shave November. I said “not exactly but I do think it is good to have a program about men’s health awareness like we do with October and Breast Cancer Awareness.” I was told that No Shave November is about fighting cancer, and it is not limited to men’s health or prostate cancer. That made me think, and when I realize I am wrong about something, I usually do a little research.
No Shave November is an organization that grows awareness about cancer and raises money for the American Cancer Society. The movement is open to everyone who grows hair or just wants to help fight cancer. Participants should donate the money that they would spend on shaving and other hair grooming during the month to fight cancer. Movember is the organization that I was thinking about. Movember is a foundation based on growing moustaches in November to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancers and men’s physical and mental health issues. Movember is more focused on just moustaches and men’s health. Movember has more guidelines and rules. It also requires more planning because you have to start on November 1 with a clean shaved face. You can’t just sort of fall into it when someone asks about your lack of shaving on November 4.

I believe I had them confused, but after looking into both organizations, they both sound like worthy causes. Since I didn’t start promptly on November 1 and limit my facial hair to just the moustache, I think this year I am going to send some money to Next year I will do Movember. (I am putting it on my calendar now, so I won’t forget. October 22 is my daughter’s birthday, so that will be a good day for the reminder). So many people have cancer and other serious physical and mental disabilities, we all know someone who has been affected. This is the season to be thankful for all that we have, but also to give of ourselves and help others.

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