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Motorcycle Accidents in Asheville and Elsewhere the Focus of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

As the temperatures warm up across the Carolinas, motorcyclists will be hitting our state’s roadways. With the summer season we see an increase in the number of motorcyclists, and a corresponding increase in the risks for motorcycle accidents in Asheville and throughout North Carolina. That’s why the month of May has been designated as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.According to the Salisbury Post, motorcyclists account for only 2 percent of all of the registered motor vehicles in the state of North Carolina. Yet they suffer 10 percent of traffic accident fatalities. The North Carolina Department of Transportation reports that there were more than 150 motorcycle rider fatalities in the state in 2011.

Our Asheville motorcycle accident lawyers understand that motorcyclists face some of the most severe risks for injury and death in the event of an accident. Many times, these motorists are overlooked by drivers. The truth of the matter is that these drivers are entitled to the same rights on our roadways as any other driver. The month of May is used to help get motorists to exercise more caution now that spring is here and riders are out in force.

“Some people just don’t look for bikers out there,” said Terry Eudy of the Riders for Christ group at the High Rock Community Church.

Motorcycle Accident Facts:

-More than 6 million motorcycles are registered in the United States.

-Roughly half of all motorcycle accidents occur at intersections.

-Over the last 13 years, the number of motorcyclist fatalities has increased steadily.

-About 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in rider injury or death. Only about 20 percent of car and truck accidents result in occupant injury or death.

Safe Driving Tips from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA):

For Motorcyclists:

-It’s urged that riders wear a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218 helmet. Wearing a helmet in North Carolina is state law, and helps to decrease your risks of sustaining a critical head injury in the event of a accident with a car by five times.

-Make yourself as visible as possible. Never ride in a vehicle’s blind spots.

-Make your moves on the roadway as predictable as possible.

-Wear bright-colored clothing to help motorists to see you more easily.

For Other Motorists:

-Share the road with motorcyclists.

-Allow motorcyclists with a full lane of travel.

-Be alert and lookout for motorcyclists in your blind spots. Take the extra second to turn and check out these spots before making a move in traffic.

-Never tailgate a motorcycle. Be sure to give them plenty of room.

-Remember that turn signals on motorcycles are not self-canceling. Sometimes riders forget to turn them off after making a turn.

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