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Officials Focusing on Safe Drivers to Help Prevent Child Injury in North Carolina this School Year

Most local students are heading to school for the 2011-2012 school year, which means we’ll be seeing crowded early-morning bus stops and school-zone crossing guards for the first time since Spring, according to GWD Today. Recently, the highway patrol offered safety tips to help remind motorists to be cautious around students to help prevent child injury in North Carolina.Our Asheville personal injury attorneys join local authorities in stepping up and speaking out to remind motorists about the returning presence of children near our roadways. Students are not only at risk for being involved in an accident while they’re riding the bus, but while they’re waiting for it to show up as well.

According to South Carolina Highway Patrol, the most dangerous part of a student’s ride to school is when they’re either getting on or off the bus. This area is the “Danger Zone.” For this reason, all students are urged to stay at least 10 feet away from the bus unless they are getting on or off. In this 10-foot area, children are likely to be overlooked by the bus driver.

Authorities offer these safety tips to bus-riding students:

-Make sure you’re at your bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is supposed to arrive.

-When the bus pulls up, make sure you’re standing at least 10 feet away from the road’s curb.

-Do not step onto the roadway until the bus is completely stopped and the driver has opened the doors.

-When crossing the street to board your bus, make sure you wait for the bus driver to signal that it’s okay to do so. Then make sure to walk at least 10 feet in front of the bus. Make sure you can see the bus driver the entire time.

-Use the handrails when getting on and off the bus. Make sure that none of your clothing will get caught while climbing up the stairs.

-Never ever walk behind a bus.

-Never pick someone up that you’ve dropped near the outside of the bus before telling the driver.

Here are safety tips for motorists:

-Make sure you look all around your vehicle when you’re backing out of your driveway or when you’re leaving your garage.

-Always keep an eye out for children that are walking or bicycling along the side of the road to their bus stop.

-Drive slowly and stay alert when driving through school zones or residential neighborhoods.

-Always be ready to stop. Children can oftentimes forget about safe pedestrian etiquette and can dart out into the roadway before checking for oncoming traffic.

According to the National Safety Council, there are approximately 25 million students around the country that ride the school bus each day. In 2005 alone, there were more than 130 people killed in school bus-related traffic accidents. Another 11,000 people were injured in these types of incidents.

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