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Carolina Car Accidents & Risks During Pregnancy

In a recent car accident, a mom-to-be was killed while her unborn child was able to be saved.

According to The Times-News in Burlington, the 22-year-old expectant mother was going into labor as she was killed in a car accident. Her husband was driving them to UNC Chapel Hill Hospital when the accident happened. It happened at about 10:00 p.m. Officials report slick roadways caused the husband to lose control of the vehicle and slide off the road. The vehicle ended up slamming into a tree.Authorities report the expectant mother was not wearing her seat belt properly when the accident happened. She was having contractions and was en route for delivery of the baby. She had been to the hospital the day before, but was sent back home by doctors. Luckily, the child is stable despite spending eight minutes with his oxygen supply cut off during the accident.

Our Rutherfordton personal injury attorneys know it could be some time before it can be determined whether any lasting injury to the child occurred. A thorough review of the victim’s medical records should also be undertaken to determine whether she should have been sent home or kept for delivery as a result of her previous visit.

There are also a couple of lessons we might learn from this tragedy. Expectant parents should not be afraid to call a rescue squad — particularly if weather is poor, if there is a lengthy commute to the hospital or if delivery appears to be in advanced stages or advancing quickly.

Expectant mothers should also discuss with their doctor any concerns or issues related to using a seat belt during the last trimester. Each year, there are more than 150,000 pregnant women who are involved in car accidents. It’s critical for pregnant women, of all stages, to make sure that they’re properly buckled in during every car ride, barring alternative instructions from your physician. You’re not only protecting yourself, but you’re protecting your unborn child. When they are properly used, seat belts have the ability to save lives and lower the chances of severe injury during a car accident.

Guidelines for Seat Belt among Pregnancy Women:

-Make sure that you always wear both parts of the seat belt, including the lap belt and the shoulder belt.

-Make sure that the lap part of the strap is placed snugly under your belly and over your hips.

-You never want to put any part of the seat belt across your belly.

-Make sure that the shoulder part of the belt is rested between your breasts. You also want to rest it to the side of your belly, never across.

-Never put the shoulder belt underneath your arm.

-Always check the height of the shoulder belt. Make sure it’s adjusted so it fits you properly.

-Always make sure that each part of the seat belt fits snugly.

You also want to make sure that the airbags are on. Never turn them off. It’s a good idea to tilt your car seat and move it as far away from the steering wheel and the dashboard as you can. If you’re pregnant and you get into a car accident, it’s critical for you to get checked out by your family physician. You may think nothing is wrong, but you’re going to want to get examined by a doctor to make sure that there are no unforeseen complications for you and your baby.

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