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Summer: Deadliest Time for Teen Car Accidents in Asheville and Elsewhere

A newly-released study from AT&T concluded that teen drivers are still texting at the wheel all too often, and they’re facing some serious risks for car accidents in Asheville and elsewhere because of it.

For this reason, AT&T is pushing the “It Can Wait” campaign to help remind young drivers to put away their phones while in the driver’s seat. This campaign is especially important through the coming summer months since this is when our young drivers face the highest risks for accidents.

The campaign seeks to educate our teen drivers about the risks they face on the road if they engage in distractions when they are driving, especially with cell phones and text messaging devices.According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the next few months are the riskiest for young drivers on our roadways. Schools are letting out, and the beginning of summer marks the start of the 100 Deadliest Days of the year for teenage drivers.

Our Asheville auto accident attorneys understand that about 3,000 teenagers were killed in auto accidents in just 2009. In addition, there were another 400,000 young motorists sent to emergency rooms nationwide. As we head into summer, our roadways will haveg more traffic — 9 of the 10 Deadliest Days on the road occur between May and August.

According to the recent AT&T survey, nearly 100 percent of teens admit that they know that texting while driving is extremely dangerous and puts them at serious risks for an accident.

Still, more than 40 percent of these teens acknowledge that they engage in this dangerous driving behavior behind the wheel, while another 75 percent of them say that they’ve seen their peers doing it. The survey concluded that there’s a demand for teens to respond to texts quickly, and that’s why they’re so quick to grab the phone in the driver’s seat. The survey also concluded that parents are doing it too, and that they need to set the proper example for our young drivers.

Teen Texting Stats:

-Text messages are the most common ways for teens to communicate.

-Teens text 5 times more than adults on any given day.

-Texting while driving increases your risk for an accident by nearly 25 times.

To help keep teens safe, MADD suggests parents discuss the following with teen drivers:

-Never drink and drive.

-Wear a seat belt during every car ride.

-Keep cell phones and electronic devices out of the driver’s seat.

-Keep nighttime driving to a minimum.

-Avoid driving with a lot of passengers. Passengers are some of the most common distractions to a driver.

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