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If you are like most people applying for social security disability, you would much rather be working.  But, because of your medical condition you are simply unable to hold down a full-time job anymore.  As such, waiting for the Social Security Administration to decide your case can seem painfully long. Extended wait times often create additional financial and emotional stress on a family. But, unfortunately, the majority of applicants can expect to wait for almost two years before receiving a final decision on their claim.

Typically, an application for SSDI or SSI benefits begins at your local Social Security Administration field office. You can also apply online at Your local office will assist you in completing the initial application and will gather the necessary information about your work history and medical conditions to make an initial decision. One can expect an initial decision on their disability application to take approximately 2-3 months. Statistically, the majority of claims are denied at this initial level. In South Carolina, approximately 69% of all applicants are denied at the initial level.

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