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Teens Provide Vital Information Regarding Risks of Car Accidents in North Carolina

A recent study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety installed cameras in the vehicles of teen drivers to analyze their risks for a teen car accident in North Carolina. Our NC teen drivers revealed to researchers that young drivers are 50 percent more likely to be involved in a car accident during their first month of unsupervised driving. The first 6 months behind the wheel are more than twice as dangerous as their risks after two years of unsupervised driving.Young drivers were subjected to the installation of in-vehicle cameras to help researchers record their every move on our roadways. This footage revealed the most common causes of teen car accidents; texting while driving, running red lights, interacting with other passengers and various additional distractions.

Our Asheville car accident attorneys understand that as teen drivers gain unsupervised experience behind the wheel, their risks for serious accidents gradually decrease. To help reduce these risks earlier, parents are urged to discuss important driving information with teens and to make sure they get a lot of driving practice in various conditions. Teaching your child safe driving habits at an early age may be one of the best tools you can offer to keep them safe on our roadways.

As a young drivers gain experience behind the wheel, we also see a reduction in the number of speed-related accidents. Data from AAA’s study concluded that teen drivers oftentimes were involved in accidents when taking a left-hand turn during their first few months behind the wheel. The number of these accidents decreased almost immediately after this time period.

“We know that young drivers’ crash rates decrease quickly as they gain experience” said AAA Foundation President and CEO Peter Kissinger.

The study concludes that these high risks have to do with the fact that during their supervised practice time, teens were oftentimes taken on routine trips through familiar areas in relatively simple driving conditions. Parents are urged to expose their young driver to a variety of driving conditions on different roadways, during different times of the day and during different weather conditions. Exposing them to more dangerous conditions while you’re in the car will help to ensure that they can handle these situations when they’re driving alone.

“Parents can’t always be in the car with their teens, but there are ways they can still have a presence even when they’re not physically in the next seat,” said Sherrice Gilsbach, associate online editor.

Parents are asked to keep safe driving habits as a frequent topic of conversation with their teen driver. Include the importance of curbing distractions, seat belt usage, driving curfews, and the risks, dangers and consequences of breaking these rules. Parents are urged to create a parent-teen driving contract with young drivers to help lay out some ground rules and consequences to help ensure safe driving. Remember that, as a parent, you may be one of the most influential people in your teen driver’s life. Stay involved, stay positive and stay in the know.

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