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Young Bicyclists, Scooter Riders and Pedestrians at Serious Risks for Accidents in the Carolinas and Elsewhere

A recent bicycle accident in Mooresboro left a teenager in critical condition at the Carolinas Medical Center. According to the Shelby Star, the teenage bicyclist was thrown from his bike after he was struck by a passing vehicle. The North Carolina Highway Patrol reports the bicyclist was hit by a 76-year-old who was driving a passenger car in a 45 mile per hour zone on South Post Road just after 4 p.m.Local officers found the teen’s bicycle in a lawn nearby and the teen lying on the road. Reportedly, the teen was riding his bicycle back from a nearby store when the accident happened. The teenager is in a coma with a broken bone in his neck. He is still on life support, and has sporadic brain swelling.

Our North Carolina bicycle accident attorneys understand that teens and young children may not always be aware of the dangers that lurk on our roadways. For this reason, we encourage parents to stay involved in their child’s traveling, whether it’s on a bicycle, a scooter or on foot. Parents should discuss some cycling safety tips with their children to help teach them about the risks associated with riding and walking near traffic. Your intervention can help to significantly reduce their risk of a serious accident.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) offers parents, teens and young children safe cycling tips to help to keep them safe. Parents please review these tips and share them with the young ones in your life.

Bicycling Tips from NCDOT:

-Always ride on the right side of the roadways. Travel with the flow of traffic.

-Be sure to obey the traffic signals. This includes stop signs, traffic lights and one-way signs. You’re required to follow the same rules of the road as vehicular traffic.

-Whenever you’re going to merge, turn or stop, be sure to signal these maneuvers with hand and arm signals to alert surrounding travelers.

-Always yield to the right-of-way whenever you enter the road or when you’re changing lanes.

-Avoid riding your bicycle on sidewalks.

-Just as you expect to be treated with respect, treat pedestrians with respect.

-Be ready for motorists to overlook you. Ride your bike defensively.

-Be on the lookout for reversing cars, whether out of parking spots of driveways. Oftentimes motorists who are backing up overlook bicyclists and pedestrians.

-Be ready for other people’s move or mistakes.

-Keep an eye on your surroundings. Turn your head to look behind you often. Learn to do this without swerving or losing your balance on your bicycle.

-Get low on your bike when braking hard. Staying upright will increase your risks of tumbling forward.

-Considering wearing a helmet. A helmet provides you with protection and can cost as little as $15.

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